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My name is Emily.  As of this writing I’m twenty-four years old, but since my birthday is next week I’m going to round up to twenty-five.  Here are some things you should know about me:

  • I’m about to finish my Master’s degree in Education.
  • I live with my parents.
  • I love to dress up in fancy clothes.
  • I’m a historical reenactor with The Guild of Saint Olaf here in Southern California, which gives me an opportunity to wear fancy clothes on a semi-regular basis.
  • I can hem a pair of pants. Badly.
  • I’m planning on constructing a full Elizabethan costume from the skin out in the next few months (while simultaneously working full-time in an unpaid internship and finishing the huge amount of writing required to get my California teaching credential).
  • I have a history of planning grand projects but not really following through with them.

I know, it sounds a bit suicidal  like a fool’s errand.   I understand the basics of working around a sewing machine, but there’s a big difference between knowing how to sew a reasonably straight seam and cartridge pleating a velvet gown.   I plan on starting small with a few (read: two or three) simpler projects before I jump into the big leagues.

On the docket:

  • Project 1: a new sewing machine cozy that employs all of my “knowing how to kind of sew a straight seam” skills.  Also, fun with bias tape! More on this project in future entries.
  • Project 2: a simple Henrician-style smock.
  • Project 3: an Effigy corset.
  • Project 4: The Gown. (cue music: DUN DUN DUUUUUNNNN)

My next Faire is at the end of October.  Will I make it in time? Probably not.    I hope to be done with the project by April 2014.

Join me and the hapless friend I’ve enlisted to be my sewing teacher as we attempt to produce something that isn’t a hideous wreck.   Wish us luck!

Or just wait around and watch me crash and burn, suffering pain, frustration, and heartbreak at every misstep.  It’s completely up to you.